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Did you know you could use your one Gmail account to create multiple email addresses? Here’s how.

In this article, we will look at how to create more than one email address in one Gmail account. This is important!
This is different from mail merge and Gmail forwarding where you combine email accounts. Here, we’re learning how to create multiple email addresses from one Gmail account.
Let’s go!

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You could create an unlimited number of email addresses using your existing Gmail address.

There are different approaches to this. The first way is called ”plus addressing” I’m going to use my as our example for this article. To understand “plus addressing”, we first need to understand the different parts of an email address.

gmail sign in

Don’t worry, it’s easy! But first, you must understand that everything before the “@” symbol in your email address is known as the local part.
The part of the address after the “@” symbol is the domain name. So your local part is the unique name for your mailbox.

gmail sign in 1 1

The “Plus Addressing” Technique

Hence you have one Gmail account, like this account. But we can easily make multiple addresses out of this one unique Gmail address. Using the “Plus addressing technique”, all we have to do is add a “plus”(+) symbol after the local part of the email address, then type in anything we want. So, let’s say you are signing up for an email marketing platform like But you don’t want to put in your actual Gmail address. We could type It’s that easy.

systemeio sign up 1
systemeio sign up withplus
systemeio sign up withplus more detail 1
systemeio sign up withplus confirmation 1

This shows the “Plus Addressing” technique actually works!

So here’s another example of “plus addressing”. Say you want to sign up for another free trial of a service. Instead of creating a whole new Gmail account, you could just type in your local part then “Plus”(+) then something like
So, do you kind of get the idea here? You could initiate this move an infinite amount of times. And by the way, this works for any Gmail address, not just one where the domain is

So, as an example, if you created a business email address using Gmail but your domain is unique – like I’ve got That’s a Gmail address but with my domain. I can use this same addressing technique here.
So I could make up Emails sent to any of these additional email addresses that you’re creating will show up in your Gmail inbox. Because your Gmail account creation isn’t a new one. You’re using your existing Gmail, but creating multiple email addresses from there. This technique also works with a period (.) instead
of a plus (+) symbol in the local part of the email address. So have you ever wondered why sometimes people’s emails are like first name period last name For instance And others are just first name last name, with no period? An example is You want to know the difference? Well, there is no difference!


That email, whether with a period or not is going to that same one inbox. Here’s what this looks like. You can add a period anywhere in the local part of the email address. So you could have a first name dot last name or you could split up your first name with a period if you wanted to or something. So let’s see this with my actual test email account for another example. Instead of adding a plus symbol, I could say Or
You get the idea.

But what if I told you there is yet another approach to creating another email address from one Gmail account? This is handy if services are onto your little plus addressing technique. You can change the domain of your email from to Yes, really.
So becomes a new address that reads
And just like plus addressing, all emails sent to the Google mail email address will
land in your normal, original email inbox.
Now obviously, when you create multiple email addresses people will still be able to see
what your local part of your email is.
So whether I’m changing the domain or using plus addressing, people would still know vyralsplashtest
is the original local part.
Make sense? It’s that easy!

So that’s how to create multiple email addresses in one Gmail account.
Now I want to hear from you.
Have you created multiple email addresses in Gmail?
If so, what did you use them for and how did you organize them?
Let everyone know in the comments below.
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